Ep 50 : The 50th Episode (w/ Julian Morena & Uncle Jeff)

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Episode 50 kicks off with a brand new theme song penned by guest Julian Morena. But when Chris & Rob realize they accidentally agreed to pay Julian $1000 per listener download, they quickly scramble to ruin the show. Enter Chris’s infamous Uncle Jeff, who immediately grosses everyone out. But is it enough to drive away all listeners, saving Chris & Rob from debt?

Along the way are several shocking revelations as well as a group table read of Uncle Jeff’s Crocodile Dundee fan fiction.

And for you purists, we also discuss the episode of Step by Step where Dana moves out & why the Art of Anarchy song “Echo of a Scream” was written about that episode.

Ep 49 : Creed (The Band) The Musical

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Chris & Rob perform selections from their new musical about legendary band Creed and its formation in the early 90s. These amazing original songs like the opening number, “What’s Singing?”, will be bouncing around in your head for weeks. Find out how Scott Stapp & the boys came to write all their songs about Step by Step, and don’t miss the grand finale.

And on the season 3 premiere of Step by Step Dana & Cody are cast in a community theater production of Romeo & Juliet. Years later Scott Stapp wrote his song “Sublime” about their performances.

Ep 48 : Our Intern, Shane

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Our first episode of 2018 is packed with what the kids are calling “content”. Chris recounts spending New Year’s Eve with his Uncle Jeff, regular caller Martii interrupts the show, and we count down our top 3 clips from 2017. The clips were all chosen by our intern, Shane, who we have never mentioned before.

Plus, we recap the Step by Step season 2 finale in which Karen has to take a nerd to the school dance. And finally, find out what Scott Stapp thought about this school dance when he wrote the song “Time” on Creed’s 2009 album Full Circle.

Yes, we are still doing this show.

Ep 47 : Holiday Special : Home But No One Else Is There

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Chris & Rob sneak in a quick recording session before their families depart for a joint vacation to Paris for the holidays. But when their wives accidentally leave without them, the boys are left at home…by themselves.

Although they are frightened by the prospect, Chris & Rob try to make the most of their situation being in the house unattended, but soon realize they must confront the yuppie teenage burglars lurking just outside.


Ep 46 : Properti Brothers

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On Step by Step, Frank & Cody must renovate a house by first blowing it up with dynamite. But when Cody finds out a down-on-their-luck family is still living there, he refuses to detonate the home with them in it for some reason. And just wait until you hear what Scott Stapp thought about this when he wrote the Creed song “Hide”.

Plus, Chris hires who he believes to be the Property Brothers to do his own home renovation, only to discover he has mistakenly hired offensively stereotypical Italian Mario Properti and his brothers.

Ep 45 : The Jackhammer

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Chris & Rob await the biggest guest they’ve ever landed for this baseball themed episode: none other than world renowned MLB legend Jack “The Jackhammer” Hammerjack. They are ready to discuss the Step by Step episode where Mark (a nerd) has to play baseball, as well as the Creed song “Wash Away The Years” which, of course, was inspired by said episode.

The Jackhammer is en route to the studio and giving updates on his whereabouts, but will he show up in time and is he really as good a guy as the media makes him out to be? You should just listen if you’re so interested.

Ep 44 : The Psychic Code

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Joining us this week is real life psychic Nick Baglas. He’s here to discuss the psychic moral code, the feud between psychics & magicians, and to give Chris and Rob each a reading on the air.

On Step by Step, J.T. is terrified he’s going to die when a psychic predicts his own sister will murder him at midnight. Meanwhile, Frank & Carol buy a vibrating bed from a yard sale. And you may or may not believe this, but Scott Stapp wrote the Creed song “Sister” about this exact episode. Believe it!

Ep 43 : WTF’ing (with special guest Rob Leon)

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Very famous New York comedian Rob Leon joins Chris & Rob to discuss the episode of Step by Step where J.T. gets a girlfriend but needs Mark (the white Urkel) to show him how to treat her right. We also find out what Scott Stapp thought about this episode when he wrote the song “Surround Me.”

Plus, Chris & Rob set out to have an in depth, personal WTF-style conversation with comedian Rob Leon but soon realize they are terrified and unprepared to do their first big interview. In a panic, they start questioning him about Hillary’s emails.

Ep 42 : The Hulu Virus (Part 2)

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Picking up where Ep 41 left off, Chris & Rob try to outsmart Lord Hulu – a computer virus that is making them complete challenges in order to continue streaming Step by Step. If they lose, not only will their Hulu access be denied, but their souls will be lost for eternity.

Also, they discuss the Step by Step episode “Aloha : Part 2” and tell you why Scott Stapp wrote the Creed song Full Circle about it.

Ep 41 : The Hulu Virus (Part 1)

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Chris & Rob throw a party to celebrate the TGIF catalogue release on Hulu (which of course includes our beloved Step by Step). No longer will the boys have to dodge computer viruses to watch the show on sketchy websites and all is right with the world. OR IS IT?

We also discuss the Step by Step episode “Aloha Part 1” where the entire family goes to Hawaii. That episode ends with a “to be continued.” Pretty annoying when shows do that, right?